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There are lots of companies that are selling Core Web Vitals reports and analysis. These reports often will point out the same issues, with different wording, telling you everything you need to fix. You can also use some of Google’s free tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, or, better yet, Google Lighthouse to check your scores and to check for any issues that are slowing your site down, or causing other issues with your pages.

I’m sure that if you’re on this page, you’ve done that already. You’ve probably taken this data to your designers and programmers, and they’ve probably been able to fix a couple of those issues, but they’ve also said “That’s all that we can do”; yet your scores are still not great.

Often, there are solutions to getting those scores up. Part of that solution is by getting your site on the cloud, and the other part is by having an expert who understands what can be done with your site once a site is on the cloud to be able to maximize your scores.

Ninjas has the Solution.

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Core Web Vitals Optimization Service


Includes: Up to 10 Hours of Setup* & Initial Optimizations
Optional: $1,00/month for continued Optimization & Maintenance

* Additional hours billed at $7/hour as needed to maximize speed performance and Web Vitals optimization during the initial phase. Client must create a Cloudflare account and maintain the account’s billing, estimated Cloudflare fees are $5-$105/month.*

The solution starts with a talk with you with your technical team and our team. Your team can get all geeky with everything, and they can explain all the issues and limitations to us. Then our team, led by Detlef, will start working on the process of making your site faster and work towards improving your scores and your speed. Once we are “set” we will schedule another call with you and your developers to explain everything we did, and we will cover other things your team should be aware of. You will be able to review your site in a test area, where you can see your new scores. If you’re good with everything, then you’ll “flip a switch” and the site will now be accessible on the cloud, and with our edits in place for your faster scores. If this sounds like a solution that you would like to explore, then contact us today before this service sells out (We only have limited time for this service).

This information may include statistics, quotations or other data that is relevant for google metrics

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