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Shared hosting is a web hosting model in which many Internet sites are combined into a common pool of computing resources through a single server.

Shared Hosting Plans

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Technical Supervision 24x7x365

We have our technical teams available 24x7x365 to provide a comprehensive support for your servers. If you have an emergency, we can intervene at your request in less than an hour.

Web Server Control Panel

We offer several control panels to administer your dedicated server easily from a web browser without any additional cost and a limit on the number of domains.

Reboot Your Server 24x7

Your server is in error, no longer responding, you made an admin error... No problem, you can reboot your server in 1 click at any time directly from your customer area.

Monitoring Your Server

Scaling Server incorporates servers that include a complete monitoring tool for your server: network card bandwidth graph, server load graph and memory usage

Deploy Anything In Seconds

Our Cloud platform have wide range of OS and Apps, Build cloud server with any of the os or app from the below list.

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Why Choose Us

The perfect Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting are especially essential for people in banking, finance, education, and businesses that absolutely cannot share their servers with other websites. But the facility can be availed by anyone who is not satisfied with the current performance of their websites and would like to optimize it.

  • Security: Firewall

    Your server is protected by a physical firewall. Before traffic hits your server, we filter out many attacks to protect you. Don't jeopardize your business by waiting for the fait accompli!

  • Secondary DNS Server

    We provide you with a secondary DNS server for all domains installed on your VPS server. From your customer area, you can at any time add domains that our secondary server will manage.

  • Full Server Backup

    We do full backups of your server. These backups are stored on a totally independent and secure NAS server. You can request a restore of your server at any time.

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